Passionate aviation writing by Capt James McBride
Passionate aviation writing by Capt James McBride


"How to survive a career flying aeroplanes for a living"

A selection of short stories containing the accrued wisdom of a career flying aeroplanes for a living.


These stories express in graphic detail, the challenges facing modern airline crews today. They deal with Technical, Environmental and Human Factors with explanations of the more obscure industry terminology.


The stories tell the tale of the Human side of commercial aviation and allow the reader to join the crew "on the line", in the Flightdeck and the Cabin as they face each difficult decision or challenging scenario.




"As a recently qualified Commercial Pilot, I found the stories in The Flightdeck Survival Manual a fascinating insight into operating airliners. A very hard book to put down for those who have an interest in flying aeroplanes!"
"A highly accessible and engaging read for anyone with an interest in flying...even if you are outside the profession."
"This great book is a "must read" for aspiring airline pilots, a "should read" for active pilots and a "fun and reminiscent" read for those of us who are retired from "the line".

"It is well written, in an easy to digest style, and had me laughing and gulping in equal amounts. Actually in hindsight, definitely more laughter!"


"Captain McBride has so much knowledge and experience to share, such a will and passion to share it, and such a fantastic repertoire of stories that bring the whole thing to life - from the hooliganism of fast jets to the gentleman's club of private jet passenger transport. Dive in and you will surely come out with some of the wisdom, grins and zeal clinging to your flying suit."


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